Eyebrow Embroidery


Eyebrow Embroidery

Eyebrow Embroidery also known as Micro Blading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure in which individual hair strokes are strategically created in the epidermal layer of the skin using a hand held tool called a micro blade.  This technique is therefore more superficial than tattooing and will provide the client with a more natural look.  The micro blade is a precision blade which mimics the natural hair strokes to create the finest hair strokes similar to natural brow hair. This procedure can be used to thicken and/or darken a client’s existing eyebrows but because of the realistic nature of the hair strokes it is also ideal for clients with little or no real hair.


How long does the procedure take?

We generally recommend you have a consultation and patch test prior to the first full procedure.  The first procedure is approximately up to two hours.


How much does it cost?

The first treatment is €200.  A touch up treatment is required four weeks later and costs from €150-€195. The second treatment is about one hour thirty minutes.


What will my brows look like post procedure?                                    

The brows will be originally dark, and will heal, peel and fade in the next four weeks.  The true colour will appear in four weeks post the first treatment.    Below are pictures before and after treatment.  A portfolio of pictures are available at consultation.


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