IMAGE MD Restoring Lip Enhancer SPF15 15ml


Clinical Skincare

This moisturising lip treatment offers SPF 15 sun protection with the benefits of nourishing avocado oil, a peptide complex and marine collagen filling spheres to boost the appearance of dry, thin lips.

Developed by a plastic surgeon, this IMAGE MD formula is newly modernised to meet our clean clinical skincare™ standard and formulated without parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, artificial fragrances, synthetic dyes or animal testing.



Why it Works

Ultra-hydrating lip complex replenishes moisture and leaves lips feeling soft, smooth and nourished.

Provides broad-spectrum sun protection for daily use.

Formulated with an oligopeptide complex and marine collagen filling spheres to enhance the lips’ appearance.

How to Use

This final touch for lips lets you face the day with SPF 15 protection. Apply daily after your recommended IMAGE regime, including cleanser, serum, eye crème and PREVENTION+ SPF. Reapply frequently.

Alternate with ORMEDIC® balancing lip enhancement complex for the ultimate am/pm lip duo.

Additional information


Avobenzone, homosalate, octisalate and octocrylene:
Chemical filters that protect against UV rays

Marine collagen microspheres:
Marine collagen filling spheres that rehydrate and plump up on contact with water to help enhance the appearance of dry, thin lips

Avocado oil:
A nourishing natural oil that helps moisturize lips

Oligopeptide complex:
A peptide complex that helps to boost the lips’ appearance and minimize the look of fine lines around the lips