Laser Pigmentation Removal

GMAX Pigmentation Removal

What Skin Conditions are Treated

  • Freckles – brown spots
  • Age spots (solar lentigines)
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Sun Spots

Laser Pigmentation Removal – About the treatment

At Skin Smart Clinic we successfully treat all types of skin pigmentation from freckle removal, sun spots to age spots on face and body areas.

Brown spots also known as freckles, skin pigmentation marks are a build-up of melanocytes – brown pigment – cells containing melanin under the skin typically referred to as freckles and age spots on the hands, face and body areas. Different types of laser can be used depending on the type of pigmentation. When pigmentation is a superficial lesion, the Alexandrite 755nm Laser Pigmentation Removal treatment is effective in removing and fading pigmentation in as little as one to three treatments. The treatment will also depend on the area being treated, the type of pigmentation, and level of recovery time. Laser treatment is one of the most non-invasive advanced treatments for removing unwanted pigmentation on the skin such as age spots, sun spots, and freckles.

Skin Pigmentation Removal with our Gentle Max Pro is a quick, gentle and non-invasive treatment. This specially designed laser is absorbed only by the cells containing excessive concentrations of pigment. It does not affect the surrounding tissues or remove the normal skin colour. Light produced by the laser can feel similar to a heat sensation and for most people is not too uncomfortable. Immediate darkening of the pigment or freckle is noticed after treatment. For seven to ten days post treatment the area will go darker in appearance and will eventually shed off.


How does Laser Pigmentation Removal work?


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Is Laser Pigmentation Removal Safe?


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Laser Pigmentation Removal - Before Treatment

Laser Pigmentation Removal – Before Treatment

Laser Pigmentation Removal - After Treatment

Laser Pigmentation Removal – After Treatment

Laser Pigmentation Removal After Treatment Care – What to expect?

After the Laser pigmentation removal treatment, it is common for the area to feel slightly warm. Some clients experience local swelling, redness and mild tenderness. These symptoms may appear immediately or a few days after treatment. The use of 100% Aloe Vera or cold compress is recommended directly after the treatment and for a few days if necessary.

Some darkening of the pigmentation will occur and the skin will have a darker appearance particularly where sun damage/sun spots/freckles are present. This is a normal and expected reaction, indicating a successful treatment and will fade with 7 – 14 days.

For 4 Weeks After Treatment

  • You should avoid exposure to UV light i.e. sun-beds and sun bathing.
  • A high SPF50+ factor should be applied when outside. Excessive sun exposure can cause hypo or hyper pigmentation of the skin.

For the next 48 hours

Avoid all heat treatments such as:

  • Steam Rooms
  • Saunas
  • Hot Baths
  • Hot showers
  • Excessive exercise / swimming
  • Hairdryers
  • Avoid all perfumed creams, soaps and lotions on the treatment area
  • Do not touch pick or scratch the area

An ice cold compress can be applied if the area feels hot or uncomfortable.

NOTE: If you find the area sensitive, continue the list above until skin returns to normal.


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